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captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with the sex abuse case. jerry sandusky was about to face several of his alleged victims in court this morning that all
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of that changed. >> it changed because the hearing did not happen. the defense attorney and his client decided not to have it. it was a dramatic moment. it was also anticlimactic. for the first time, people had been expecting to hear from the accusers in this case, under oath in open court, talking about what they say jerry sandusky did to them. just an opportunity for a judge to say that there is enough for there is not enough evidence to move the case to trial. but late last night sandusky's lawyers said they made a decision to waive it. as jerry sandusky arrived at the courthouse this morning, there was no hint of the bombshell he and his lawyer would drop. the former penn state coach had waived his right to a hearing and there would be no testimony.
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a lawyer explained that it was a matter of tactics. >>today was a small part in the process. it would have been one-sided, the commonwealth's opportunity to present all of the allegations made. >> prosecutors say that they were ready to proceed with as many as 11 witnesses. the alleged victims themselves, now adults, have arrived in town and had been prepped by their lawyers to tell their stories in open court. victim no. 6 and victim #1's lawyers say that their clients are relieved that they would not have to testify today. >> i believe that putting these kids through this and pulling it at the last minute is a total disregard for them and is further abuse. >> this is just one more aspect of something he has done,
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another punch in the stomach by jerry sandusky. >> prosecutors say that, for them, this is something of a victory because there witnesses will not have to testify twice. there will not testify only at trial. that is likely to happen next summer. >> we are tracking this unfolding story as it develops. for the latest minute-by- minute, go over to our website we are also monitoring a developing story in europe where four people died. a man loved a live grenade. -- a man lobbed a live grenade. investigators say that he had a long criminal record and was on
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his way in for questioning at the time of the attack. the crack down on occupy protesters. police raided an encampment in baltimore. it was peaceful. >> in full riot gear, dozens of police moved into the occupied baltimore encampment to move out protesters who had been camping in a park near the inner harbor for months. protesters peacefully packed up and many were moved to homeless shelters in the city. this is after baltimore officials recently denied an extension and cut off their power supply. the move by baltimore officials come as occupied protesters on the west coast blocked several shipping coast in oakland and seattle. demonstrators believe that they can disrupt the flow of goods at
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the nation's busiest docks and can cut into corporate profits. >> hi think -- i think we're scaring them a little bit. >> these are working families at a crediblecritical time of year. >> authorities said that several people were arrested. closer to home, occupied baltimore protesters are allowed back in the park, but they're not allowed to stay overnight and set up tents. the group will meet today to decide what they will do next. firefighters crush unit construction worker who fell 16 feet into a trench this morning. it was at the intersection of mid county highway and washington grove road. he suffered non-life threatening injuries. another day of sunshine
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before changes had our way. >> we are tracking it all here in the weather center. we have a bit of a fluctuation. a cold front will purchase later this week. then some potential energy will bring is a wintry mix. i will dive into those details coming up. first, let's focus on the beautiful day. total sunshine. a few isolated-) -- a few isolated high-thin clouds. this warming trend will continue, but not for long. i have the details coming up. >> a harsh crackdown crack for youths performing mass
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robberies. >> crimes like this have initiated a crackdown on flash felt like this. >> they need to do something. if they could kick them out of the store when they come in. >> but geoffrey wolff's trecker plans to propose legislation that will increase penalties. each person caught responsible will be charged with everything that is stolen. it will improve public safety. >> it has been a huge problem everywhere. >> it is kind of harsh, but i understand it. they should know what they're doing before they do it. >> but this 7-eleven clerk does not support it saying that it will result in harsh penalties for kids. >> they are young, you know?
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>> christopher johnson is senior trying to stop a flash mob. the tougher the penalty, he says, the better. >> this is the way i make my money. when people start to take that away, we take that very personally. should they have to die -- should they have to do time? yes. two army helicopters crashed in washington state. one went down around 8:00 p.m. near rainier. the helicopters were on a training mission they either collided or went down separately. the two-man race in the
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republican nomination is getting nasty. mitt romney and newt gingrich say they want to avoid a negative campaign. you would never know it by listening on the campaign trail. >> newt gingrich has called for a cease-fire appeared >> i will release a letter indicating that a determination to run a positive campaign -- >> in that letter sent to his staff this morning he instructed them to avoid initiating attacks on other republican candidates. he said he will run a positive campaign and he will not run any negative ads. do not hold your breath for mitt romney to do the same thing. >> this is politics. there is no whining in politics. >> romney kicked off. in fox news, but he called on newt gingrich to return the $1.6 million he earned on the board
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of freddie mac. >> it to governor romney would like to return the money that he earned from bankruptcies and laying off employees, then i would be glad. i will bet you he will not take the offer. >> i think newt needs to stop this and get above this. the more he gets dragged into this, the worse for him. >> i am almost certain that the romney people will run off more on being rich. >> he told his staff that he reserves his right to respond when his record is distorted. we are watching some major votes on the hill trip lawmakers are expected to ok a bill to extend the payroll tax cuts and
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unemployment benefits for the unemployed. that legislation could face some trouble in the senate from democrats to oppose the controversial oil pipeline. coming up right here, the miracle recovery appeared. surprise, a special school visitor. [ female announcer ] more
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people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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investigators in texas are
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questioning three deer hunters after a couple of students were shot. investigators were not say whether the shootings were accidental or intentional. the hunters have not been arrested. parents call a miracle recovery. it has been a week since a model suffered a horrific injury. the propeller slashed into her face and cut off her left hand. she could lose her on. but her parents are focusing on her remarkable progress. she is able to raise both high rose. that does not sound like a duck but they were worried about a nerve on one side -- like a big deal, but they were worried about inner on one side. >> this morning, ray lahood
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had a simple and sincere message. >> drive sober or get pulled over. >> he announced the kickoff of the holiday drunk driving crackdown. officials ruled that a new ad campaign to try to prevent drunken drivers. they also announced new statistics. then driving fatalities declined last year for the fifth straight year. on december 2010, 415 people across the country died as a result of drunk drivers. it started at really chilly but the temperatures climbing into the 50's. >> right. this is a really do timeline. -- a really cool tomlin.
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notice how the ground looks fairly white in this first frame. that is closer to about 7:30 a.m. that this frost on the freeway and the rough. i will put this into motion and you will see how the green slowly turns from that white to a green color as the frost belt's off. pretty cool. -- as the frost belt'smelts off. pretty cool. annapolis, no surprise, plenty of sunshine there. you know that sinking motion in the atmosphere, that inhibits the clouds from forming. 45 degrees on the water. right now we're 48 in the district and 45 degrees in gaithersburg. overall, we will be very close to 50 degrees for our afternoon
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highs. normally this time of year to we hit our high temperature closer to 3:00 p.m., sometimes even about 2:30 p.m. as we widen out of you, look up to the west and southwest. you will see the gray and white. this is developing cloud cover that will stream our way and slowly slide over way tonight and into tomorrow. it will be a fairly gray day. the rain showers will not make it here. but as the system develops, for a tour southwest, the cold front strikes closer to washington -- by thursday evening, that is when we could have a few showers. we're keeping an eye on this system coming out of the southwest. it could possibly affect us on friday night and into saturday
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morning. it could bring us a wintry mix. it is just a possibility. it is one out of 10 for that. limited sunshine tomorrow. >> one out of 10? not very good. hopefully on christmas. santa made an early start in alexandria today. santa claus traded in his rain gear for harley-davidsons. it was the 25th annual ride for children. santa and delivered gifts and also collected donations for sick and underprivileged children. we want to see your holiday spirit with pictures and video of your outdoor holiday decorations. we will show some of the best entries on the air. we have gotten some great submissions so far. coming up, the holiday rush.
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b. the irs is trying to track down nearly 100,000 people who never got a refund this year. the agency says that $150 million cannot be delivered because of wrong mailing addresses. the checks average more than $1,500. just go over to the irs website. shot. year dropped-- shop until your drop this season. the macy's in tyson's corner and others, the stores will be open
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later. for more, check out our website at barry manilow is going under the knife. he was hospitalized in los angeles yesterday to have surgery on his and legs. all of that dancing all-around, he says, amidlead to new repairs. he will recover for six weeks before he will be in chicago in february. first lady michelle obama can take credit for a new record. they shattered the old record of 20,000 people doing jumping jacks. it is part of the first lady's initiative [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone
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the national zoo is
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celebrating a rare gift just in time for christmas. a brown kiwi was born. this is one of the most endangered species. the agenda cannot be determined by site until it is 2 years old. -- the gender cannot be determined by site until it is 2 years old. it is getting warmer out there and we do have some changes on the way. >> we have some ratesrain chances by late thursday. we have some energy that made cause a few light showers friday night and into early saturday.
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